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Kevis Booker: A remarkable young man.

December 12th 2016, On this quiet afternoon after taking some kids for a stroll I decided to pull up at a Churches Chicken drive through to grab something to eat. While waiting in line I saw a kid approaching my car, an adult in the car grumbled ‘more beggars’ as the kid approached, I rolled down my window and I was greeted with a pleasant good afternoon he then explained that he was selling fruits and bushes (medicinal plant/herb) across the road and asked if I can patronize him. I gave him some change and told him at the moment I am not in need of his products. I collected my order then proceeded down the road. While driving to another restaurant a little girl in the back seat told me she knew that kid then she explained that at her after school lessons the same kid usually buys the entire class icicles, I was floored. I kept thinking about this kid in the street, selling fruits and bushes, saving his money then buy treats for an entire class.
I took the kids in the car to get some treats then dropped them off, all the while just thinking about the generosity of the one in the street. I had to return and bless up that kid. Here’s the clip of me returning to his spot…

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