Ecotourism Adventures


Ecotoursim Adventures

With over 900 species of fishes, including the largest freshwater scaled fish called Arapaima, among others such as Payara, Pacu, Lukanani, Bashu etc… Why search further, when you can discover a fishing experience like no other right here. With that being said… Are you living within or planning to visit Guyana? Are you a nature lover and a fan of wildlife experiences? Do you enjoy Ecotourism fishing activities? If your answer is yes, then here are a few options of Fun Fishing Activities you can choose from when in Guyana.

BLACKWATER ADVENTURES– They are a family-owned eco-tourism destination based in Berbice and provides you with an experience of wildlife nature like never before, with some exciting fishing activities. So, if you are in the county of Berbice and enjoys fishing, then be sure to check out Blackwater Adventures.

ADVENTURE GUIANAS– Specializes in nature and adventure experiences like Sport Fishing and have customized packages to suit your interest, itinerary and budget. This eco-tourism, fun filled adventure gives you the chance to explore and showcase your fishing skills.

WILDERNESS EXPLORER– promotes safe, sensitive and fun filled tourism activities for anyone Locally or Internationally, who is looking to have a good time in Guyana. One of the most attracting and interesting activity is Sport Fishing.

EVERGREEN ADVENTURES GUYANA– Is known as one of the leading ecotourism tour operations in Guyana. They offer a wide range of packages to local and foreigners, including packages for Sport Fishing Lovers, among other tours, customize to suit what you are looking for.

AMAZON ADVENTURES– If you are looking to spend some quality time, exploring nature and having fun while doing something you love, then this is the perfect destination for you. All Fishing lover this is for you. Amazon Adventures is offering six full days of fishing experience within the Essequibo River. So, if you are in Guyana and is looking for an adventure, this is the place to be.

GUYANA ECO FISHING AND ADVENTURE TOURS– For an experience in Eco Fishing as they take you through the Wilderness and on Camp Expedition into some of Guyana’s Remote Rupununi District Area, Book with Guyana Eco Fishing and Adventure Tours, where you will get an experience in Sport Fishing like never before.

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