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Guyana as you know is known to be the “Land of Many Waters”, defined by its Dense Rainforest. It has a wide variety of Natural Habitats and Very High Biodiversity. With over 900 species of fishes, including the largest scaled freshwater fish called Arapaima. There isn’t a bigger caught you can acquire.

ADVENTURES GUIANAS specializes in nature and adventures experiences such as sport fishing, they give you the opportunity to see and explore Nature, Wildlife and Adventure while guiding you to achieve the caught you are hoping for. They have customized packages to suit your interests, itinerary and budget. Having you feel satisfied and safe while having fun and experience nature is what Adventure Guianas does. So, if you are looking to hit the waters and showcase your fishing skills, do so safely with Adventure Guianas.

Contact them today @Adventure Guianas – Experience the Amazon and Beyond

53 Pere St, kitty Public Rd, Georgetown Guyana

Tell: +(592) 227-4713

Phone: +(592) 673- 0027 or +(592) 626- 9033

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